Monday, April 14, 2014

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JLA Trapped in Time review and more

Just watched this online. Great story. The animation and voices were a bit of a throw back to the 1970s/80s Super Friends.

In case you did not get this the animators had Wendy & Marvin walking Super Dog - or at least their clones as extras. And the entire Time trapper character seems like one of the old Super Friends villain of the week. DC has never been a great story teller when it came to Fantasy - at least not on TV or Film.

The lighter story telling clearly designed for younger audience is focused around some young super heroes in training - Karate Kid and Dawn Star (on the cover art to the right - that is not Hawk Girl). No Mr. Miyagi present...

In the prologue, Lex Luthor and the Gang - all looking more cartoonish than the past 20 years of animated DC TV and video - are trying to Dry up the world's oceans by creating massive glaciers in the North Pole via five satellites in orbit with giant freeze rays Ala Captain Cold. As the JLA defeats the Legion of Doom, Lex Luthor is trapped in ice.

In the year 3100ish Lex Luthor is on display in a Museum of Heroes and Villians. Karate Kid and Dawn Star are making the rounds. An overly eager Karate Kid - wanting desperately to join Lightning Lad and Legion of Super Heroes - frees Luthor. Lex grabs Captain Cold's freeze gun, stops the two young heroes and Releases the Time Trapper.

With the Time trapper, Lex seeks out to stop the creation of the JLA by stopping Superman's early arrival to earth. He succeeds, but as in typical time travel stories, one paradox deserves another.

The entire JLA disappear as Time Trapper erases the paradox. But the two heroes from the future are no discovered. They seek out the frozen Luthor. Freeing Lex allows the Time Trapper to banish the time traveling Luthor and frees himself.

Time Trapper no seeks to turn the world into darkness. Apparently the power of time control makes everything float up into a vortex. Only the Light of Dawn Star saves the day to separate Time Trapper - a being of pure dark matter - from his magical hour glass.


Peter Jessop as Superman
Diedrich Bader as Batman
Laura Bailey as Dawnstar
Dante Basco as Karate Kid
Corey Burton as Time Trapper, Captain Cold
Grey DeLisle-Griffin as Wonder Woman, Superbaby
Jack DeSena as Robin
Michael David Donovan as Bizarro
Tom Gibis as Toyman, Jonathan Kent
Erica Luttrell as Cheetah, Martha Kent
Liam O'Brien as Aquaman, Batwing Computer
Kevin Michael Richardson as Black Manta, Solomon Grundy
Jason Spisak as The Flash, Taxi Driver
Fred Tatasciore as Lex Luthor
Avery Kidd Waddell as Cyborg
Travis Willingham as Gorilla Grodd