Monday, February 17, 2014

Superman Vs The Elite Review and Video Preview

                                                      Superman vs. The Elite

I am not too sure about this one. It may be my least favorite of the DC Universe Animated offerings. The Elite is a band of young - yet very powerful - superheroes that are a little reckless for Superman's style. Maybe because they're British?

I think this would have been a great 22-minute episode for a TV series. OR The arc for a season. I think many times a feature length movie based on a literary source, even a graphic novel or comic book, often lacks from trying to adopt numerous sub plots into a 80-120 minute feature. A 22-minute short can focus on the main points, removing sub plots in favor of a primary set up and ultimate battle sequence. A mini series, or even better the new 6-12 episode arc of Cable TV shows (And a few networks falling in line) can deal with each of the minor characters.

I feel like the feature introduced a lot. International Politics, Role of Superheroes today, Blurred Lines of Justice, and so much more... Perhaps too much.  

Give this subject s 6 60-minute arc on cable TV OR a Full season on Cartoon Network etc and you could flesh out the characters. Otherwise, it almost feels like one of those movies that ran out of money, and had to wrap up big ideas to quickly. 

The other problem, I think it becomes very hard to like Manchester Black. We love anti heroes and villains like Walter White and Tony Soprano. I think if you make Black more likable - OR Love to hate - this would have worked better. There is a quick moment where you get why he is so hard around the edges, but the character voice acting and animation does not draw you in like so many have done so much better before...


Superman vs. The Elite is an animated superhero film based on "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?," the story published in thecomic book Action Comics #775 (March 2001). The movie was adapted and written by Joe Kelly, who wrote the comic it was based on, and is directed by Michael Chang. It was released on June 12, 2012.[1] The film also featured the return of George Newbern as Superman, and David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen, reprising their roles from the DC animated universe.[2] It is the 14th film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line.

Additional video fan put together to show off Superman's power. But maybe you can see why I don't like this one... The whole Superman Character is just a little off... 

Superman / Batman Public Enemies DC Universe Feature Animate Film

Released Direct to Video 2009 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

This movie is like an episode of JLU (Justice League Unlimited TV Series) on steroids. Although it is a stand alone movie, it once again brings in much of the DC Universe characters, now aiding President Lex Luthor against the outlawed Superman & Batman.

I love the whole Superheroes / Mercenaries being recruited by the government to have an equal footing with Vigilanties when ever it occurs. I assume I am not the only one that perks up every time Amanda Waller shows up expecting this to happen - as they keep bringing back that concept in various series and movies. Most recently in ARROW on CW.

Luthor's exoarmor suit is bigger and badder than ever. Amanda Waller has a redeeming moment. Many of the best villains form 1990s Batman / Superman series and JLA/JLU make a cameo.

Movie bring us to an Anime/Manga world - which I think is genius from a marketing standpoint - by making TOYMAN a Japanese Kid that has yet to turn bad. On that note, I think toyman has to be the most interpreted villian of DC history. I mean every incarnation seems completely different. Boy Genius, Fat Computer Geek, Sore Loser / former Luthor employee, Robot Offspring of latter, etc etc etc

Can I take this moment to say WAY too much is made of the need to "JUSTIFY" DC universe realities... The beauty of fiction is that the writers had free reign. The whole GOLDEN AGE, SILVER AGE, POST CRISIS etc is taking this crap way too serious if you ask me. New decade, new world, new needs for superheroes, etc. Simpson have been around 25 years without ever aging.

Reinventing origins is great. Not sure why every writer seems to want to reinvent the wheel so often but i am cool with a revamp every once in a while. Superman 2 (Christopher Reeves) went crazy with redefining Superman's and fellow Krypton's powers. We all went "WHAT THE... (Even at age 10 at the time)" but we said, OK good movie, we will let that one ride...

And to my main point, if you deliver and entertaining product, have fun. I think any project that takes to many liberties will be rejected. A project that just recraps out what we have already seen will be rejected. Projects that are just original enough that are writeen, directed and voice/animated well (Acted for Live Action of COurse) will be loved and make a fortune... Make a superhero for just the money and you get Fantastic Four (Pick a version, they all miss the point for me) or Superman Returns.

Popcorm Movie Central Rating MEDIUM SIZE BUCKET


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 & 2 Review and Video Clips Animated Features


So those of us that love the 1990s TV work from Bruce Timm's team will recognize the older Bruce Wayne, just a few years younger than in Batman Beyond. Bruce Timm's world of DC was always just dark enough but still showing a glimmer of light allowing hope for a happy ending.

I am one who is a fan of the last three Live Action Batman movies, but felt they tried way too hard with the third film.  This animated double feature is a far superior way to end the saga and more loyal to Frank Miller's style.

Ever take a break from the gym or other activity but failed to alter diet. Well that is what happened to Gotham. Batman quit and the bad guys started getting fatter with power. Gangs rule the streets - called the Mutants.  A reportedly reformed Harvey Dent reminds us eerily of real world suicide killers from schools and malls. A ressurected Batman inspires a new Robin as well. Carrie Kelley dons the colorful sidekick costume. Big battle ensues with massive battank. etc etc etc

The new Batman activity wakes up a catatonic Joker at Arkham....

So this is one of the coolest movies I have seen. Batman practically becomes a gang leader, converting former mutant gang members into Batman wannabe vigilantes. Joker goes on a killing spree. Superman is working for the Government and asked to deal with the Batmna Problem. Nuclear war is on the brink. And we get a showdown between Batman & Superman we have all been waiting for since Nick Cage movie was tabled over a decade ago...

I really want to see PART THREE
So here is my only problem with feature films. While we get to see our heroes and villains on epic scale, I for am used to watching the TV series where you get to see these character far more often. The movies often raise more questions. Or you see the characters in such a way they really leave you wanting more. I loved the Justice League, JLA Unlimited and Young Justice Series as the DC Universe was brought to you weekly and you really got to know these characters. Maybe I should just become a Comic Book guy. But the end of PART TWO demands a TV series... Maybe a Batman Beyond Prequel?

Justice League Flashpoint Paradox: Review and Video Clips

This may be the best from DC Universe Feature Animated Films. 
DCU: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
(CLICK LINK to watch now at Amazon)
Maybe the best animated work of this genre period.

Intense. A bit darker. A lot darker. Full of action. Great story. 
This is Butterfly effect to the Nth Degree.

Like so many Time Travel Stories, Flash is upset about events. His power allows for time travel. Hence, why not go back and fix things, right. 

Just because we can doesn't mean we should, right? Time Travel 101!!! And all hell breaks loose. Literally Earth looks like hell.  This is World War on Epic Scale. So often in a Team Movie (JLA, Avengers) you see a single city being effected. In an 80-minute movie it is easy to create too many story lines, but they make it work. 

The other thing I like, in these films I getting to love a lot of the anti hero and lesser known villains. Especially Slade Wilson / Death Stroke. In the past 5 years I fell the animation is finally catching up to the graphic novels attempt to make all the characters real. The good guys are imperfect. The bad guys are not evil. 

In the new time line, these lines are even further blurred as the bad guys are now the heroes. Heroes are battling each other - Epic Amazon v Atlantis Battle.  Both heroes and villians are now running underground resistance. There are a lot of similarities to Injustice's Parallel Universe. Every character is affected. To go into more detail would give away too much. But if you have seen the movie, can we talk about Batman Sr, Skinny Supes, etc

This movie gets a serious EXTRA LARGE BUCKET OF POPCORN!!!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Official Extended Preview with Andrew Garfield, Jamie Fox...

I am really looking forward to this. Love Spider Man reboot. Darker and so much more full of Conspiracy Theories etc... See you at the movies!!!