Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A haunted House. terribly Funny fiasco worthy of a group watch.

This movie is the reason I created this blog. This voice is terrible. Terribly funny in a complete sophomoric way. Marlon perfectly tore Paranormal activity and similar movies a new comedic hole. This movie will never deserve awards. I would never want to pay for this movie. 

Marlon Wayans is giving up the single bachelor pad life when his girl friend moves in. She brings with her a hoard of paranormal activity. Add to that friends that want to swing. Camera Guys with issues. Aggressively gay Psychic. The jokes are dumb and poorly written but perfectly performed without rergard for any decency.

Do not watch with Gma. You will not get anymore Xmas cards with cash. BUT when the friends are over and you need a fun distraction, break out the popcorn, and prepare to dish. Every other moment is hilarious OR just plain dumb and ripe for ridicule for the perfect group watch!!!

Marlon Wayans as Malcolm Johnson
Essence Atkins as Kisha Davis
Cedric the Entertainer as Father Doug Williams
Nick Swardson as Chip the Psychic, a gay psychic who lusts after Malcolm
David Koechner as Dan "the Man" Kearney
Dave Sheridan as Bob Kearney, Dan's illiterate brother/associate
Marlene Forte as Rosa, Malcolm's Hispanic housekeeper
Andrew Daly as Steve, Malcolm's exchanger friend
Alanna Ubach as Jenny, Steve's wife
Affion Crockett as Ray-Ray, Malcolm's gangster cousin
Robin Thede and J.B. Smoove as Kisha's mother and stepfather