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Justice League: Doom - Movie Trailer, Review and more

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I love this animated feature by DC Universe. While not officially a Bruce Timm produced feature, this one keeps with the Justice League Unlimited style and even features Timm as the voice of Ace. 

This is the ultimate Legion of Doom. By far the best. I like not having Lex Luthor as the head as it decentralizes JLA as just an extension of Superman. 

On paper, upon seeing a script, I would probably say this movie tries to do WAY TO MUCH and should be a series or trilogy. BUT The director deliver a perfectly action AND story packed movie with a surprise hero at the end, followed by banishment of another... 

I don't know of another project that can handle so many heroes and villains in one sitting. Now perhaps if you are not a DCU geek such as I you you may need some back story. But I love this movie trusts we know who most of these characters are going in... (We really don't need an origin story every time - note to Live action movie producers) This movie works for me on so many levels.... 

At some point I might try to rate each movie favorite / MUST SEE to 0... But I am so much an in the moment kind of guy. Writing this review I really want to watch it again. Being an impulsive kind of guy, I think I will....

Theatrical Trailer

FUNNY STORY - when I first started to right this blog post, in my head I was imagining the Justice League Episode "HERE AFTER"  where Superman, missing and presumed dead, ends up 30,000 years in the future finding a Vandal Savage now remorseful and willing to help him home. MAYBE NOT SO FUNNY but the episode is one of the best of all TV superhero arcs of all time as well...

Here is a clip I found online....


Justice League: Doom is an animated direct-to-video superhero film loosely based on Mark Waid's JLA story arc, "JLA: Tower of Babel". The movie was adapted and written by Dwayne McDuffie and is directed by Lauren Montgomery. While not a direct sequel to Crisis on Two Earths, the film uses similar character designs by the lead character designer, Phil Bourassa. It was released on February 28, 2012.[1] The film also features various actors reprising their roles from the DC animated universe andGreen Lantern: Emerald Knightsrespectively.[2][3] It is the 13th film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line.
The film is dedicated to the memory of Dwayne McDuffie who died from complications following open heart surgery shortly after writing the film.

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