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Stan Lee Projects w/o Marvel

Have you seen some of the animated films airing on TV, Netflix and Direct to Video. Stan Lee was one of the first and continues to try and make Super Heroes that reflect all walks of life. Real People with real problems that, when gifted with Super Powers, often have bigger problems to deal.

This new series of character is expanding ethnic and other barriers rarely seen in American heroes. And these are real character. SO MUCH BETTER than the horrible attempts in the 1980s by DC comics to diversify. No Apache Chief with horrible representation of Native Americans etc (Look like Indian from John Wayne movie)

Here are some of the Projects Stan Lee has produced with no relation to Marvel or DC...

Stan Lee's MIGHTY 7 2014
I have heard of this for a while and discovered it finally has been made and released. HUB aired a pilot on Feb 1, 2014. I am on the hunt to see it. Stan Lee plays himself as he discovers a two groups of aliens and turns them into Superheroes. COOL!!! Here is a clip form THE HUB on YOUTUBE...

Stan Lee's Mighty 7 #1

I have yet to see this 65-minute animated movie. Made and released to Cartoon Network India has aired in both English and Hindi. As soon as I finish this post i am going to try and find it an nupdate with review...

PLOT from WIKI The movie features Raju Rai, a young Indian boy living in Mumbai, India. Raju's mentor, the scientist Dr. Singh, develops a technology suit. The suit weaponizes all the Chakras in the body. Raju uses its powers to be a Superhero. Raju vows to use the suit to protect and serve as he battles super-villains.

Verticus - 2012 Video Game inspired by Stand Lee

TIME JUMPER 2009 Mobile Series

The Condor -  Skater Dude becomes a Superhero... I love this. Saw this a few years ago on Netflix.  Tony Valdez (voiced by Wilmer Valderrama - FEZ) is left with out parents or legs after gang retaliation and corporate sabotage. He can no longer turn his back on his father's Robotics firm. Using experimental Nanobots, Tony gains super powers. This is geared towards teens. Edgier than most of Stan Lee's animated features. Only Stan Lee could make such a horrible premise so good!!!
Stan Lee Presents: Condor

"Tony's wobble but they don't fall down" Great line but does anyone under 30 understand this reference LOL

Mosaic - This and Condor came out around same time. Perhaps Same Time. Saw them both years ago a Netflix. Maggie Nelson (Anna Paquin X Men, True Blood) - through exposure to electrical storm and magic rune - gains super chameleon powers. Think Spider Man with shape shifting and other mimc skills (Including Vocal and Invisability), super vision (Infrared). Again on paper a bad Spider man rip off but Stan Lee makes the Bizarre seem acceptable. These powers all stem from a hidden ancient race - The Chameliel. Mosaic is actually Chameliel hero. Maggie becomes his apprentice of sorts. Another Chameliel, Maniken, is seeking relics to become a god and rule the earth. Lots of action and cool original mythology makes this a winner.
NOT SURE WHY but Condor is available for Free on YOUTUBE. Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic is avail on Amazon. Might still be avail on Netflix.


BASICALLY: Stan Lee gives Pamela Anderson's Barbed Wire and Animated life. ADULTS ONLY. Of course parents let kids watch South Park so...
Stripperella - Season One - Uncensored - DVD
Beauty and The Obese Watch Amazon Instant Video

ON SYFY CHANNEL 2006-2007 - So not every Stan Lee Project is a winner with me. I really wanted to love the Reality Show WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPER HERO. The only thing worse was LIGHT SPEED, the made for TV movie based on a Season One Winner.

HISTORY CHANNEL 2010-2012 Stan Lee's Superhumans was pretty cool at times. Kind of like a reboot of THAT's INCREDIBLE (Dating my self here - watch out)

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