Thursday, April 3, 2014

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Clip 1

Finally saw this. I had scene the previous episode of SHIELD so i could follow the (loose) tie ins to the movie. And watched the following SHIELD episode the day after watching movie. All ties in neatly. HAIL HYDRA!!!


I would almost call this Captain American & SHIELD. As this movie is almost as much a Nick Fury and Black Widow showcase.

The introduction of Falcon was a bit odd to me. Maybe they just had too much going on to do it properly. It was sincere and what they did was well done. But will all the elements it was almost more of a Avengers episode than a CA movie. No complaints I loved it...

The movie stops action just long enough to deliver a little story. Very touching scene with the failing Peggy Carter.   Learning about Robert Redford's true intentions... Captain America visiting his own memorial at teh National Air & Space Museum. Guess FLY closed at the big theater finally.

AND the coda / after thought scene in the credits was very bad ass as well...


PS One of the coolest things about the movie - not to take anything away from this project - the trailer ofr XMEN. It seems like a lot for a 2-3 hour movie but with 200 million I think they may have pulled off a huge feat. Look AMAZING!!! And with article i just read in entertainment weekly I am totally stoked!!!

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