Monday, February 17, 2014

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 & 2 Review and Video Clips Animated Features


So those of us that love the 1990s TV work from Bruce Timm's team will recognize the older Bruce Wayne, just a few years younger than in Batman Beyond. Bruce Timm's world of DC was always just dark enough but still showing a glimmer of light allowing hope for a happy ending.

I am one who is a fan of the last three Live Action Batman movies, but felt they tried way too hard with the third film.  This animated double feature is a far superior way to end the saga and more loyal to Frank Miller's style.

Ever take a break from the gym or other activity but failed to alter diet. Well that is what happened to Gotham. Batman quit and the bad guys started getting fatter with power. Gangs rule the streets - called the Mutants.  A reportedly reformed Harvey Dent reminds us eerily of real world suicide killers from schools and malls. A ressurected Batman inspires a new Robin as well. Carrie Kelley dons the colorful sidekick costume. Big battle ensues with massive battank. etc etc etc

The new Batman activity wakes up a catatonic Joker at Arkham....

So this is one of the coolest movies I have seen. Batman practically becomes a gang leader, converting former mutant gang members into Batman wannabe vigilantes. Joker goes on a killing spree. Superman is working for the Government and asked to deal with the Batmna Problem. Nuclear war is on the brink. And we get a showdown between Batman & Superman we have all been waiting for since Nick Cage movie was tabled over a decade ago...

I really want to see PART THREE
So here is my only problem with feature films. While we get to see our heroes and villains on epic scale, I for am used to watching the TV series where you get to see these character far more often. The movies often raise more questions. Or you see the characters in such a way they really leave you wanting more. I loved the Justice League, JLA Unlimited and Young Justice Series as the DC Universe was brought to you weekly and you really got to know these characters. Maybe I should just become a Comic Book guy. But the end of PART TWO demands a TV series... Maybe a Batman Beyond Prequel?

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