Monday, February 17, 2014

Justice League Flashpoint Paradox: Review and Video Clips

This may be the best from DC Universe Feature Animated Films. 
DCU: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
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Maybe the best animated work of this genre period.

Intense. A bit darker. A lot darker. Full of action. Great story. 
This is Butterfly effect to the Nth Degree.

Like so many Time Travel Stories, Flash is upset about events. His power allows for time travel. Hence, why not go back and fix things, right. 

Just because we can doesn't mean we should, right? Time Travel 101!!! And all hell breaks loose. Literally Earth looks like hell.  This is World War on Epic Scale. So often in a Team Movie (JLA, Avengers) you see a single city being effected. In an 80-minute movie it is easy to create too many story lines, but they make it work. 

The other thing I like, in these films I getting to love a lot of the anti hero and lesser known villains. Especially Slade Wilson / Death Stroke. In the past 5 years I fell the animation is finally catching up to the graphic novels attempt to make all the characters real. The good guys are imperfect. The bad guys are not evil. 

In the new time line, these lines are even further blurred as the bad guys are now the heroes. Heroes are battling each other - Epic Amazon v Atlantis Battle.  Both heroes and villians are now running underground resistance. There are a lot of similarities to Injustice's Parallel Universe. Every character is affected. To go into more detail would give away too much. But if you have seen the movie, can we talk about Batman Sr, Skinny Supes, etc

This movie gets a serious EXTRA LARGE BUCKET OF POPCORN!!!

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