Monday, February 17, 2014

Superman / Batman Public Enemies DC Universe Feature Animate Film

Released Direct to Video 2009 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

This movie is like an episode of JLU (Justice League Unlimited TV Series) on steroids. Although it is a stand alone movie, it once again brings in much of the DC Universe characters, now aiding President Lex Luthor against the outlawed Superman & Batman.

I love the whole Superheroes / Mercenaries being recruited by the government to have an equal footing with Vigilanties when ever it occurs. I assume I am not the only one that perks up every time Amanda Waller shows up expecting this to happen - as they keep bringing back that concept in various series and movies. Most recently in ARROW on CW.

Luthor's exoarmor suit is bigger and badder than ever. Amanda Waller has a redeeming moment. Many of the best villains form 1990s Batman / Superman series and JLA/JLU make a cameo.

Movie bring us to an Anime/Manga world - which I think is genius from a marketing standpoint - by making TOYMAN a Japanese Kid that has yet to turn bad. On that note, I think toyman has to be the most interpreted villian of DC history. I mean every incarnation seems completely different. Boy Genius, Fat Computer Geek, Sore Loser / former Luthor employee, Robot Offspring of latter, etc etc etc

Can I take this moment to say WAY too much is made of the need to "JUSTIFY" DC universe realities... The beauty of fiction is that the writers had free reign. The whole GOLDEN AGE, SILVER AGE, POST CRISIS etc is taking this crap way too serious if you ask me. New decade, new world, new needs for superheroes, etc. Simpson have been around 25 years without ever aging.

Reinventing origins is great. Not sure why every writer seems to want to reinvent the wheel so often but i am cool with a revamp every once in a while. Superman 2 (Christopher Reeves) went crazy with redefining Superman's and fellow Krypton's powers. We all went "WHAT THE... (Even at age 10 at the time)" but we said, OK good movie, we will let that one ride...

And to my main point, if you deliver and entertaining product, have fun. I think any project that takes to many liberties will be rejected. A project that just recraps out what we have already seen will be rejected. Projects that are just original enough that are writeen, directed and voice/animated well (Acted for Live Action of COurse) will be loved and make a fortune... Make a superhero for just the money and you get Fantastic Four (Pick a version, they all miss the point for me) or Superman Returns.

Popcorm Movie Central Rating MEDIUM SIZE BUCKET


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