Sunday, February 16, 2014

1974 Wonder Woman TV Movie / Pilot AND 1967 Mini Pilot

OK, I just had to comment LOL

Doing some research I stumbled across this (COUGH) gem which can be seen on YOUTUBE.

Cathy Lee Crosby starred in this fiasco. As with so many TV versions fo Superhero TV shows on a budget, we have way too much talking created by second rate writers. No need to waste too much time on a Pilot never picked up to a series. You can tell in the first few seconds why the Linda Carter version is remembered in its stead...

Basically this 74 minute pilot can be summed up this way. Wonder Woman and another Amazon fight with the worst stick fight of on camera history over a burro. What an ass wrote this? And by stick fight, it almost feels like a parody movie of a pillow fight. No stunt doubles required in this "film".


While on the subject of failed ideas, if you have not seen this terrible idea for a 19060 Batman style comic adaptation, you really must see for yourself....
SHORT REVIEW this 5-minute "PILOT" is more of bad off-Broadway play trying to squeeze in every bad Jewish Mother joke....

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