Sunday, February 16, 2014

Man Of Steel redeems Superman Movie franchise

Watch 1978 Movie with Christopher Reeves and Marlon Brando

Seriously I think I am by far not the only die hard fan of blue tights and red cape that were ready to throw in the towel after Superman Returns. For decades I was sick of fellow geeks making fun of us that were loyal to THE original super hero of modern times. The one that started it all. Those of us that were kids when Superman 1977 hit the screen with Christopher Reeves when reruns of Adam West were the best Batman had to offer. Marvel was sucking wind on TV and movies except for THE HULK with Bill Bixby as David Banner, because BRUCE was too gay? (Not my words - I wa always confused why Dr. Banner was called Bruce in cartoons and comics)...  AND we suffered through TV's attempt to make Superman more chick friendly (Lois & Clark) or Teen Age worthy (Smallville) all of which I watched religiously out of love for the character, while despising what was being done...

Well I for one believe we were rewarded for holding out. Better than ever before, Superman was rebooted for "today" without over thinking or over pandering to a certain demographic. They just made a movie that rocks. A movie Superman die-hards can call our own. A movie that had just enough story to warrant 2+ hours and millions of dollars invested, but still crammed in all the action of the animated films and shorts and graphic novels...

Henry Cavill nailed the character. Too many interpret the fish out of water quality of Krypton's Last Son being isolated on Earth as wimpy. Cavill wonderfully portrays awkward outcast that is not necessarily a two dimensional geek. His Superman matched teh Charisma of Reeves. Being even more chiseled in the chin, etc Cavill may have even surpassed. Although, first seeing Reeves in Red 7 Blue at age five, he will always be my perfect image...

LOVE Michael Shannon as Zod. The Kyptonians were bad ass and true warriors. Zod was the perfect "bad guy" for today's age. The villian of the story, he is the hero of his own goals till the end. Warped by power, to him, his passion and drive for power is selfless as the ulitmate goal is the survival of his people. For Zod, he is a European that lost to the Native American People trying conquest the United States. 

A lot of people hate the way Lois knows too much, right. But I remember a very funny moment in Lois & Clark when Tempus (Played by Lane Davies - basically Chronos) says to Lois (Not exact quote) How stupid can you be. Than he puts a pair of glasses to his face.... Really. I think many have enjoyed the Superman from animated films that clearly is known by Lois, intimately. I love the new idea that there are many out there that know the truth and protect it as they had been saved by Clark. Superman IS Clark. And Lois would never have rested until she found that out. The cute wink wink joke of the 1950's series had been played out. Women today are equal to men or even superior - especially if you ask Wonder Woman. I love the new story from head to toe.

I am very upset that the next movie has been pushed back a year. But we are definitely headed towards JLA the MOVIE!!!

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