Sunday, February 16, 2014

Justice League: War Animated Feature Direct to Video from DC Comics

Just watched this on

There is a lot of controversy. Mostly from the Comic Book types, which I am not. I am an avid DC movie/TV/animation fan. LOVE the Bruce Timm years mostly like most of us do. This one is different. It does seem a little disappointing after the awesome FLASHPOINT PARADOX....

So I feel like I am on a role. I recently reviewed a series of films that have turned old material into grown up fair. And I keep coming back to the same theme. The film world - in this case the animated feature world - has finally caught up to the comic book world changed by Frank Miller and others that turned the old BLACK & WHITE world of good & bad and playing the various levels of grey. 

This also seems to try and turn JLA into the Avengers. While I did not love this at first, I figure if you are going to do the origin story AGAIN lets do something fresh. Rather than a team brought together for the common good (Originally by Martian Man Hunter), this team is more reluctantly forced into co-operating by the situation. Ego and insecurity get in the way of great team work. In the end the fact that they win is almost by happen chance. This feature does not get quite as dark as other new world Superhero Offerings, but I think it has a nice mix of the new and old styles. Imagine if Frank Miller directed 1970s Superfriends - the one with the Scooby Doo knock offs, not the Wonder Twins...

This is far from being my favorite of the DC animated feature series. But I was thoroughly entertained.

I really like Shazam - so we are no longer calling him Captain Marvel right LOL Voiced by RUDY - I mean Sean Astin, the character really came alive. This character always seems so dumb. But was always one of my favorite. Back in the 4th grade I had a dream about stumbling into a scientist's lab and become a superhero. I think in many ways this is most of our dreams' until we discover girls, right? 

Also I loved the CYBORG (Shemar Moore - Criminal Minds) origin story, which I had not seen before.  

Dark Seid has obviously been juicing. Never seen him so big before LOL. The previous appearance Superman/Batman: Apocalypse was far better. 

I think you have to judge each of the DC presentations based on the target audience. Arguably this offering was geared towards a younger audience, minus a few choice words that totally otherwise ruin this argument. The animation and voice direction is definitely better for younger crowds. 

There are a lot of DC Movies head to video this year. - maybe making up for keep us waiting so long for another Superman / Batman installment. Looking forward to Son of Batman and 

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